The Eco Energy Group Ltd. (Eco E) has developed a world first service solution for energy management combining a specialized monitoring system through the use of solid state lighting.

This Intelligent Lighting as a Service (ILaaS) business model can reduce power usage by more than 75% in a range of operations from commercial and industrial buildings to public facilities and street lighting. At the same time data collected will make the existing facility smart.


Key benefits of the “Ee Smart” solution:

  • Solid State Lighting (SSL) change over in existing facilities

  • Intelligent Lighting as a Service (ILaaS) – full turnkey solution

  • Audit, Design, Supply, Finance, Install, Maintain

  • Fully funded – No CAPEX – OPEX periodical fee over 5 years

  • Controlled by patented Ee Monitor “on-power-line” system

  • Sensors and communications for big data collection

  • Human-centric lighting for health care and comfort

  • Savings - 20% in operational costs including 75% in electricity costs

The ILaaS business model is based on a five year agreement. The monthly service fee covers every aspect of the “Ee Smart” system. That includes all installation and equipment costs as well as ongoing monitoring and maintenance. The 60 month finance package is tailored to your operation with no upfront fee, no payback period and no exposure to further costs.

“Ee Smart” isn’t just a slogan. The “big data” collected through our state of the art monitoring system gives your operation the knowledge to grow. Real time data available on the Eco E dashboard includes:

  • System Maintenance

  • People and vehicle movement

  • Usage of floor space, facilities and equipment

  • Fault identification by type and specific location

  • Colour control to effect health outcomes

  • Security through movement sensing to facial recognition.

This constant flow of information can significantly improve facility operation that maximises efficiency, health and comfort.

Our unique “on power line” monitoring system is retrofitted to existing infrastructure via customized solid state lighting to create an “Ee Smart” operation. The control can identify a fault by type and specific location. The system can also monitor power load and operational control.

Professional and Technical Capability

Our manufacturing, supply and installation methods are based on comprehensive audits of existingsystems using our Ee Point Audit and Planning app by a specialist team who oversee the audit,installation and maintenance for the life of your service contract.

This allows us to efficiently complete multisite projects with minimum disruption to daily activity,  staff and customers.

Future proofing

We work closely with our partners and clients testing the next “state of the art” systems so it’s ready to go online for the following 5 years.

Research & Development

Four years of R&D have gone into the development of the “Ee Smart” technology. This has been a critical part in ensuring that our systems are truly “state of the art”. 


Carbon Reduction

Our systems drastically reduce direct power usage and in turn power production, reducing carbon emissions and helping keep the earth clean.

Mercury Elimination

All commercial, street and industrial lamps contain Mercury. Eco E safely disposes of this old lighting, permanently removing Mercury from the environment.


The Eco E service solution may be disruptive to the industry, but we've made it easy to understand, comprehensive and packed with industry proven technology. 

The Eco E team is proud to be part of a movement that gives our customers an opportunity to save energy, money and the environment whilst having a proven positive health effect on the people that live and work under our lighting solution. You can achieve all of this without upfront costs while getting an ongoing service solution that mitigates your risk, provides financial certainty and a boost in profits and productivity.